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Frozen Wine Slushie: Summer Vacation For Adults

Perfect on a hot day by the pool – the Summer Frozen Wine Slushie: a semi-frozen mix of wine, water, juice, and sugar. Fuggedaboutit!

Kansas City Wine Slushie #HowWeDoKC

A Frozen Summer Wine Slushie is a semi-frozen mix of wine, water, juice, and sugar (plus a few other ingredients) served frozen (slowly melting) in a cup with a straw and/or spoon. It’s simple…and it’s DELICIOUS!

Wine Slushie? Yes, Wine Slushie!

Stone Pillar Vineyard Frozen Wine Slushie
Two Stone Pillar Vineyard Frozen Wine Slushies: Mango and Mango w/ Red

Enjoy A Wine Slushie On A Hot Summer Day

We live in Kansas City – which means from May until September it’s hot as heck. We love drinking wine, but sometime it’s just too hot outside to enjoy room temperature Cabernet. We also love hanging out by the pool or hot tub, but honestly that’s no place for a wine glass. So to cool off with something different, that’s when a Frozen Wine Slushie equals perfection.

KC Wine Co. Peach Wine Slushie
KC Wine Co. Peach Wine Slushie

Frozen Wine Slushie – Questions:

  • a) Why a Frozen Wine Slushie?
  • b) Where can you get one?
  • c) Are they any good?

Frozen Wine Slushie – Answers:

  • a) The best way to drink red or white wine on a hot day.
  • b) At select wine tasting rooms and online.
  • c) They are way better than you think.
Wine Slushie, Wine Freezer, Wine Slush, Wine Slushy - What's The Difference?
My Delicious Mango Slushie at Stone Pillar Vineyard & Winery

Get Out Of town. Wine Slushie = Good.

3 ways to get A Wine Slushie NEAR Kansas City

#1) KC Wine Co.

Watching our wine host hold a plastic cup under a machine, pull the lever and dispense a frozen slushie wine mix, I thought I must be crazy! But in the instant I began cooling off with the refreshing taste of Peach Bellini, I knew this was no joke.

With a great location, multiple outdoor activities and a seemingly endless supply of tasty wine slushies, KC Wine Co. is either where you start your day, your final destination or maybe the only place you go at all.

They also offer several hand-crafted varietals for wine tasting. Pay only $5 for five 1 oz. pours (tip: go for ten), order a couple $7 wine slushies and then walk amongst the thriving rows of vines on the vineyard to soak up the warm sunshine. This is #HowWeDoKC

Wine Slushie Machine - KC Wine Co. - Impeccably Paired
Wine Slushie Machine at KC Wine Co.

#2) Stone Pillar Vineyard & Winery

Our favorite wine slushie flavor at Stone Pillar is Mango – but the Blue Raspberry is awesome, too! They also serve a red wine flavor which features the local Chambourcin grape varietal as the base – so if you don’t prefer fruity – you can go classic.

Wine slushies cost about $9 and wine tastings are about a dollar a pour. There’s a back patio outside with some umbrellas where you can soak up the sun and enjoy the view of the vineyard. One of my favorite things about Stone Pillar is that it’s not that far of a drive from the Kansas City suburbs. And as you can see, they have a T.V. behind the bar, so if you get there early you can chill out all day.

Wine Slushie Machine - Stone Pillar Vineyards & Winery - Impeccably Paired
Wine Slushie Bar Machines at Stone Pillar Vineyards & Winery

#3) La Bella Vineyards & Winery

I’m a wine drinker. I’m a beer drinker. I’m a scotch drinker, and I’m a whiskey drinker. And I also smoke cigars. But at La Bella, I’m drinking wine – and wine slushies.

La Bella makes a white wine slushie – often featuring their own dry white Bella Blanc. Since the other ingredients of a wine slushie recipe greatly sweeten up the taste, using a dry or acidic wine as a base works out pretty well – otherwise it can be way too sweet.

La Bella has a patio facing a pond where you can hang out and listen to the birds chirp. With a wine slushie in one hand, you are good to go.

Wine Slushie will blow your mind! - Impeccably Paired

NOT IN KANSAS CITY? search “wine slushie” ONLINE

Obviously, not all wine tasting rooms feature wine slushies (and not all cities have wine tasting rooms). We know Austin has wine slushies as well as several wineries in California. Call ahead to the wine tasting room and ask, “Do you serve Wine Slushies?”

If that doesn’t work, go to YouTube and search for “Wine Slushie” or “Wine Slush”. Watch a video on “How to Make A Wine Slushie“. Visit the website for FrozenKC Wine Slushie Mix. Learn to make your own.

But no matter what you do, remember: Wine Slushies Are Fantastic! It may sound strange (or unsophisticated) but you can still have your wine – and eat it, too.

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