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We Are Kimberly & Jay ( Impeccably Paired )

Hello! We are Kimberly and Jay; a forty-something couple reinventing ourselves through a shared passion for wine, our thirst for knowledge, and the global connection happening all around us. We are both divorced, we each have two boys, and we live in Kansas City. We initially met through an online dating site (we can’t believe it either) and on our first date we each drank two glasses of red wine (Cabernet and Pinot).

It’s not easy being ‘Midwest Wine Interpreters’, but we are on a mission!

Jay loves to write and take pictures and Kimberly loves to put all things yummy on social media. We both love the adventure of traveling (although our budgets don’t always allow us to do as much as we’d like). Together, we enjoy many different genres of music, movies and T.V. shows, and we try to always appreciate fine art wherever it exists. So, since we live in the Midwest, that’s where our adventures most often begin…

What’s New In Kansas City… And The Midwest?

Jay lived in Los Angeles for fifteen years and Kimberly grew up near Kansas City. Together, we realize that much of the country (and the world) knows very little about the U.S. Midwest region’s history and contribution to wine, beer and spirits (and vice versa). So we have taken it upon ourselves to try and bring some of the local story out, while letting some of the outside story in. It’s not easy being ‘Midwest Wine Interpreters’, but we are on a mission!

We sincerely hope that through our adventures (or misadventures) you’re inspired to try new places, taste great things, and hopefully save a dime or two. Feel free to send us a message and we’ll make an effort to include your comment in one of our next posts. Thank you for visiting Impeccably Paired!


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