The Traveling Vineyard with Kim

Traveling Vineyard Is A Dream Come True!

As most of my friends know, I am passionate about wine. I love drinking it, talking about it and learning more about it every day. And now I found a way to marry that passion with a purpose! Being a Wine Guide for Traveling Vineyard!


What is The Traveling Vineyard, you ask? Traveling Vineyard is a winery that does not grow grapes, but works in conjunction with vineyards across the world. They produce, bottle, and label all of their products and then offer them at the lowest price possible to nationwide consumers. The wine director and his team are true collaborators; they believe that everyone should have access to fine wines, and because of their volume they are able to offer competitive prices on many incredible and exclusive wines.




What is a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide? Well, that’s me! And…it could be you, too! A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide is committed to sharing the joys of a wine event through a relaxed home tasting experience that demystifies wine. We get to play with food and wine – two of my favorite things! (besides my kids!!) And my favorite part about our wine tasting events is that they aren’t stuffy, or pretentious. It’s just you and your friends gathered with someone who likes wine as much as you do!

What Makes A Traveling Vineyard Wine Tasting Event So Awesome?

  • We bring the wine for free.
  • Our wines are exclusive and you can’t get them anywhere else.
  • We ship directly to you, so the process is hassle free.
  • Wines are yummy boutique wine priced from just $14 – $35 per bottle.
  • We appeal to both men and women and couples love to come together.
  • You get to try wine – before you order!
  • We do all the heavy lifting, such as bringing the wines and helping you pair with food.

More About Traveling Vineyard Wine And Food Pairing

Master Sommelier, Eddie Osterland, has created and collaborated with T.V. to create what is known in our world as “Sommology.” What is “sommology,” you ask? Some years ago, after Traveling Vineyard launched their world-changing, in-home tasting idea, they had another great idea: What if they made it easy for people to pair food and wine? And discovering that answer is exactly how Sommology was born. It takes the geeky, cool parts of molecular food and wine pairings, and translates them into simple bits that everyone can understand. What an awesome tool, right?

How Can I Learn More About Experiencing Sommology

There are two ways to experience Sommology: in-person or online.

The in-person experience, provided by me (as your Wine Guide) will be for you, your friends, and your guests, at your own personal wine tasting event. My goal there is to share a huge depth of knowledge as developed by the first Master Sommelier in the United States. This is a rich experience in learning, as well as a fun time experimenting and wine tasting. I can’t wait for us to do this together!

The online experience lets you independently play around with the science of pairing food and wine. The hope is that you get more comfortable privately before we all get together at your own hosted tasting event, where you and I together can help your friends and guests advance their own knowledge and interest. You will love the tasting event even more!

No Time For A Wine Tasting Event – How About A Great Wine CluB?

I personally love wine clubs and belong to several. I love and market Traveling Vineyard wines, but I have other favorites as well. Wine is an investment for me (or should I say, an investment in me.) And who doesn’t like getting shipments directly to their front door? I know it’s just like Christmas for me! No worries, Traveling Vineyard has you covered.

Are you ready for an adventure? Joining the Traveling Vineyard Wine Club is a great way to indulge in both. Each box is a chance to indulge in our exclusive wines, based on the plan that best caters to your cravings. We guide you through each shipment with electronic tasting notes, recipes, and some spectacular wine knowledge. Your palate gets a treat throughout the year – arriving right on your doorstep.

Check out the details at Traveling Vineyard Wine Club and ask for your Wine Guide, Kimberly McCall!

DSCF0637Have I Peaked Your Interest In Traveling Vineyard?

Traveling Vineyard provides a way for me to do all of these things and call it a job! I feel so lucky that I now get to mix my passion with a fun, flexible and rewarding career. So, I am super excited to share the Traveling Vineyard with you!

Visit my Traveling Vineyard Site or contact me directly at with questions or to book a tasting! Cheers!

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