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Wine Bloggers Conference – November 2017 In Santa Rosa, CA

Wine blogging and social media are our passion – so we are super excited to attend #WBC17 in Santa Rosa in November!

EXCITEMENT ABOUNDS 2017 Wine Bloggers Conference

For us, the wine blogging journey began several years ago – so an email to sign up for the 2017 Wine Bloggers Conference was essentially a no-brainer. We have always loved wine tastings, food pairings, learning more about vineyards, and touring wineries. When we decided to launch our Impeccably Paired website two years ago, our social media and online content had finally found a home.

“It is no longer easy to trap an audience like scooping up minnows in a plastic bucket.”

A year ago, we added ourselves to the North American Citizen Wine Bloggers list. We were amazed to see how many other wine bloggers there really are! A few months later, we learned about the 2017 Wine Bloggers Conference taking place November 9-12th in Santa Rosa, CA. Oh, we’ve been so thirsty for a return to California wine tasting that we jumped at the chance to get back to where so much of our passion originally began!

Wine Bloggers Conference 2017 - Santa Rosa CA - Impeccably Paired Attendee

Blogging matters a lot more than you think

I remember fifteen years ago when most people (like me) wondered, “Why would anyone waste their time blogging?” Back then it seemed like only copywriting and publishing articles mattered. That was when most people didn’t understand the internet, when most websites were pretty darn basic and disorganized, hard to find discussion forums were relatively unknown.

Luckily, independent media evolved; and today, the art of blogging brings real, measurable value and success. While the movement started years ago, it really kicked in when Google cleaned up the search engines. Suddenly, mediocre hacks were unable to stuff pages with useless chunks of keywords. It was no longer easy to trap legitimate search results like scooping up minnows in a plastic bucket. As a result, truly original and relevant content with appropriate SEO now reaches genuine users. Professional blogging has become a true skill – where actual information penetrates the cyber world of clickbait.

Wine Bloggers Conference 2017 Wine Glasses

 2017 WINE bloggers conference Agenda

My friends, wine tasting is not enough! A wine blogger must engage each cup of wine – with all five senses. The grape, the vineyard, the history; everything is present within each glass. The duty of the dedicated wine marketer is to tell the story – to express and communicate – the essence and meaning and purpose of wine making. That’s why we take pictures, share links with our friends and follow the passions of others on social media.


We are truly looking forward to finally meeting so many of our fellow wine blogging community members. The thought of learning and tasting and blogging together excites us! The fact that we all feel a similar gratification through our innate ability to shape words into emotions or frame images into feelings is more than I can contain. So if you see us at the Wine Bloggers Conference, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourselves and tell us where they’re pouring the next amazing glass of wine.

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