We Love Delectable Morsels With Our Wine (And We’re Not Rich Either)

Let’s Go With Good Edibles

Hello. We are Kimberly and Jay. And a year ago we went wine tasting in Hermann, MO. And we ran into an all too familiar problem. We were enjoying our wine, but there was nothing to snack on. And when we finally got to a place that had cheese and crackers, it was about as exciting as a kids ‘lunch-able.’ And it was way overpriced! But I bought it anyway (because we were hungry from wine tasting,) I took it to our table (with a nice Cabernet in hand) and I looked at Kimberly. We both smiled. “That’s it?,” she said. “Yup,” I said with a grin. Some grocery store grapes, some basic American cheese and some Ritz crackers. For almost twenty bucks!

Kimberly and Jay Impeccably Paired
Kimberly and Jay Impeccably Paired

The light bulb went on: “You mean nobody has figured this out?” And yet, when also California wine tasting this Spring in Los Olivos – same thing happened. After four tastings, nobody had any olives or cheese or crackers – nothing! What are they thinking!?

So that was it. We are here to fix this. From now on, all wine, and the need for tasty food, must be…

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